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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tau Huay ( Almond tofu dessert)豆腐花

Tau huay is one of my daughters favourite dessert. It can be easily found in Singapore.Traditionally  Gypsum powder or shi gao is added into it.  Gypsum has been having some bad rep for being the cause of kidney stones.
By making it yourself, you can decided what ingredients you wanna put it. I use agar-agar as a setting agent.
Yield 8 small cups

Ingredients :
100 g dry soyabean, soak overnight, take out the thin skin.
50 g almond
1 litre of water
120 g sugar, if you like sweeter you may add up to 150 g
2 g  agar2 powder, white colour. I use 'swallow globe' brand

1. pour into a blender soaked soyabean, almond and water. Puree over high speed for 3-5 minutes.

2. Using a muslin cloth ,strain the puree  into a pan.
3. add sugar and agar-agar, bring to the boil, stir occasionally.

4. let it cool for 10 minutes, in the meantime, spoon out any bubble or skin that might appeal.
5. slowly lower to the serving bowl. Leave it for 10 minutes. Put into the refrigerator for 1 hour. Ready to serve cold

Friday, August 24, 2012


Lontong is another type of rice to be eaten with satay, gado2, soto etc.  it's not difficult to prepare  actually.

200 g rice
430 ml water
banana leaves for wrapping
Tooth pick for sealing  

Method :
1. wash the rice once only, I use Royal Umbrella Thai jasmine rice
2. add in 430 ml water and cook it at medium heat until all the water evapourated, set aside let it cool.

3.  using a pestle,  mash the half cooked rice

4. scoop one big spoon and arrange it on top of banana leaf.

5. roll it

6. keep rolling

7. keep rolling

8. sealed both ends with a toothpick, and put inside a cover pan full of water, boil for 90 minutes. take it out , and sit it vertical to allowed all the water drain out. Let it overnight.  The lontong is best to be consume the next day

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Full moon egg

Prepare :
5 eggs at room temperature

200 g prawn meat, minced
20 g spring onion, chopped
5 g lemongrass, chopped
1 tbsp tapioca flour
1 tsp sesame oil
white pepper
2 tbsp light soya sauce

1. prepare a pan in which the 5 eggs can sit snugly in a single layer, add in water and 1 tsp of salt, then boil it for 10 minutes, turn off the stove .When the eggs have cooled, tap them gently with the back of a teaspoon to crack the shells. Peel them carefully.

Cut lengthwise. Gently remove yolks with a spoon, set the egg white aside to be use later.

2. Heat a wok, add in 1 tbsp of oil, stir fry the chopped spring onion and chopped lemongrass until fragrant, turn the heat off, let it cool

3. Skinned  the prawn , add in 1 tbsp of salt, mix well and rinse with water for 3 times, to wash away the salty taste.

4.Take kitchen towel, pat the prawn meat dry.

5. Using the meat tenderizer, minced the prawn meat.
6.Blend well minced prawn meat, lemongrass, spring onion, sesame oil, white pepper and tapioca flour. divided into 10 equal portions. put into the cut egg white, top with caviar, put inside a porcelain plate, pour light soya sauce on the plate and steam for 8 minutes. serve  hot.
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